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Cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, tote bags, shopping bags, patchwork cushions, appliqued cushions, embroidered cushions, wheat bags, heat proof pot holders, owl cushions with pockets in the wings(great for holding remote controls). Door stops, mug rugs, cuddly toys, pin cushions, gifts for sewing enthusiasts, etui/needlework boxes, place mats, patchwork covered books with pen/pencil slot, peg bags, childrens mobiles, tissue holders, keyrings, glasses pouches, drawstring bags.

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Monday, 21st September 2020 5:08 pm

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Club Ranking
Initial Player
Start of Season
Season Gain/Loss
1 Torrie Malik Squash Levels for Torrie  Malik Crawley Squash Club 2 2 1 1201427 Player Added 18-Sep-20142937301275
2 Kelly Eastment Squash Levels for Kelly  Eastment The West Worthing Club 1 2 1 1022078 Player Added 12-Sep-20152623270380
3 Wendy Griffiths-Simpson Squash Levels for Wendy  Griffiths-Simpson The West Worthing Club 5 1 1 0100 Player Added 03-Dec-2019265526605
4 Jade Weston Squash Levels for Jade  Weston The West Worthing Club 4 5 2 3411872 Player Added 20-Sep-20102502252220
5 Lea-Iris Murrizi Squash Levels for Lea-Iris  Murrizi Crawley Squash Club 8 4 2 2400 Player Added 17-Oct-201926002515-85
6 Heather Bean Squash Levels for Heather  Bean East Grinstead 4 3 2 1122235 Player Added 26-Aug-200925752500-75
7 Clare Young Squash Levels for Clare  Young The West Worthing Club 3 5 2 3322035 Player Added 04-Sep-20092315239580
8 Rebecca Riley Squash Levels for Rebecca  Riley Nutley 2 2 0 2022361 Player Added 25-Sep-2018225122510
9 Tracey Webster Squash Levels for Tracey  Webster East Grinstead 1 2 1 1021440 Player Added 16-Oct-201520552000-55
10 Sarah Cullen Squash Levels for Sarah  Cullen Nutley 3 4 1 3132128 Player Added 25-Sep-201820481968-80
11 Karen Millard Squash Levels for Karen  Millard East Grinstead 5 3 2 1121800 Player Added 20-Oct-201918001730-70
12 Sue Kent Squash Levels for Sue   Kent East Grinstead 3 5 3 2141495 Player Added 26-Aug-200918501695-155
13 Millie Owton Squash Levels for Millie  Owton Crawley Squash Club 11 5 2 341466 Player Added 17-Oct-20198211561740
14 Ianthe Stark Squash Levels for Ianthe  Stark Nutley 8 2 1 1021620 Player Added 25-Sep-201815751495-80
15 Kathleen Southall Squash Levels for Kathleen  Southall Nutley 4 2 2 0021539 Player Added 25-Sep-2018146914690
16 Reka Kemecsei Squash Levels for Reka  Kemecsei Crawley Squash Club 12 4 2 240800 Player Added 17-Oct-20198301220390
17 Charlotte Menzies Squash Levels for Charlotte  Menzies Nutley 1 3 2 1031168 Player Added 12-Aug-201511681163-5
18 Fiona Mackay Squash Levels for Fiona  Mackay East Grinstead 6 1 0 110724 Player Added 29-Sep-20188248240

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